The Sea Sings

20506936_946942972114083_2363667892650390561_oThe sea has travelled west to cross my path while I was travelling north to find mountains and in the moment I wondered where did it all start and is it the end.

I have travelled so far away from home that I don’t remember what colour it was but I miss books and bed after a hard day where I used to dump all my sorrows and all my pain; under the pillow I slipped my tears hoping that it will someday grow into a tree and stand on the path of a hurricane, and it might as well stand alone. Courage is something I have asked for long and now I guess God wasn’t as harsh as Alexander once said, he granted my wish and here I am.

I have travelled far away from home and it is cold and dark and empty stomach some days but I don’t have complaints to offer or Gods to ask help from. I have a match to light a fire and some days a good hunt; no company but my words. When the night is dark, I hide deeper somewhere inside my blanket over the park bench or under the tree where they still let me sleep for a day or two. And I am never out of places to visit, there always are roads or plains, to walk on, sometimes barefoot, sometimes in the rain and it’s more than a shade, and bed, and family that betrayed. It is stars I play with these days.

I have travelled far away from home for I wondered one fine day and realized home is not where the place I lived once. So in the name of the sea and the stars I loved, I ran away one fine night and ran till dawn and sat on a maze field, watched the sun rise, stole maze and sold for food and realized that the path to survival isn’t always right but in that moment, I didn’t find it wrong. Since then I have travelled on roads and plains and walked some hundred miles and I have stories to tell about the bear and the wolf that left me alone for I was pale like thread, a skin and bones that clattered in winds; no more I dwell in scars my father gave, after my mother’s death, as if the latter didn’t cut through my chest and left a hole.

Today, the sea has travelled west to cross my path while I was travelling north to see the mountains and has asked permission to accompany me; I want to sleep on the mountain top hearing lullabies the sea has to sing and the wind shall some days sing along and someday hush the sea. The path is way too long and I can use a company.

The sea sings.

The Puzzle Maker

– hey guys, I have been away for a while, because you know- self-pity and I cant write good things. so it would be really helpful if you can leave reviews 🙂 I would really appreciate that. Also, Asha asked me to keep publishing because it helps 🙂 do visit her blog, you will find her poetry and a lot more:


5 thoughts on “The Sea Sings

  1. This is just so perfect. I guess I know where those thoughts are coming from. I loved reading it and diving inside you, enjoying that current youve barely let loose. So much said, and so much kept behind. Simply remarkable. What a comeback! Keep writing.

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  2. You’ve come back to form, if you were thinking otherwise. You normally don’t write on the elements of nature, but now that you’ve written on it, it’s beautiful. A journey with nature as our sole companion — brilliant.


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