For you, stranger.

I wish to steal your heart.

When I see you admiring yourself, looking at your flowing fingers when you dance, and smile connecting two galaxies, I wish to steal your heart.

When I see you sensing music, and the way your eyes express the genre of song, and you look outside the window from time to time, admiring strangers with all their scars. I wish to steal your heart.

And when you immerse your hands in that paint, without signs of disgust on your face, color the canvas with your fingers. I see you drown in oil paint, and shed of this skin, I see you becoming vulnerable with you art. Maybe that’s why I wish to steal your heart.

I wish to look inside and find the bug that still lets you unravel your mind, in your art, and let people enjoy your scar. I wish to replicate it, and distribute to general mass. We all need that bug; we all need your art.

I am no lover, just a silent stranger, and you attract me; your art, your mind and not this body which melts with time, into the shackles of earth, and mix in rubbles of fumbling mankind. I see you, with a ‘hi’ oscillating in my vocal cord; words of appreciation gets entangled in my tongue, which I swallow. Deep down there is a child that still fears to cross the boundary laid by uncivilized civilians.

Yes, I am a stranger, who just doesn’t believe in the ethics of society which has complicated our lives. I no longer believe in this praising you, and your works in sophisticated ways without opening my heart. I just want to say what I feel, but sadly our generation finds it creepy and fake. I fear being misjudged and avoided, when I want to connect.

Yes you hear compliments all the time, nicely designed, neither too must nor too little, in appropriate amount to be your cup of tea. And here I am, appreciating you without edited captions, speaking truth, emptying my heart. Of course it freaks you out, for my truth feels exaggerated among those well penned works of brain, crumbled in the sophistication you like.

I am just looking for people like you, maybe I somewhere feel myself in you, in your art that leaves volcanoes in my heart. I want to explore this world from your eyes, I want your thoughts, and know how simple things make you smile. I want your depth in my life. But fears numb my mind, and I gulp these words; I can just wish, wish to steal your heart.

~ The Puzzle Maker

17 thoughts on “For you, stranger.

  1. Terrific sentiments. The storm tht caught you also frees you, the river that drowns you also thrusts you back with force to the surface. So much you wish and unwish and carry the half-baked desires in your heart, forever. I was caught in this whirlwind, now and am still reeling from it. Jay 🙂

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  2. Wow.
    Just. Wow.
    I’m in awe of your writing. I can’t say that I can completely relate with this post, but your choice of words is beautiful. The way they make perfect sense when put together.

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