Stone-age is calling….


I was restless, and a bit of rest took me to a forest, a dream, illusion, or hallucination, whatever you might say. It gave me peace. I went into the woods dark, the core of the forest, where in search of light I had to look up in the sky, but there were just leaves, translucent green layers which appeared dark and opaque veins through the leaves. The way the sunlight penetrated into the forest through the leafy cover, to let me just see around, oh it was beautiful. At least I could differentiate between colors. The barks and their marks, and the sound of mating of my boots and dry leaves; this place had background music. I don’t know how much of it was because of my presence, but I know that I contributed. My breaths, sound of my walk, my Casanova boots, and the way I kept touching the barks producing rough sounds, I was contributing. I was lost, yet found. Sometimes it was frightening, the ominous cries, and the nocturnal green eyes, the hissing of snakes around. The forest has its way of communicating and I wanted to learn this language of silence, of movements and trails, of intuition ever right. I feel something strong, something known, a forgotten bond. From my artificial world of materialistic pleasures, my mind leaped to this natural world of known unknown, maybe to rejuvenate this bond. I wished to stay there, without the superficial veil and pressure of the proud being a member of the most intellectual race. It was liberating.

Won’t it be better to be a wanderer in woods? We have always admired the touch of flower; let them be our cover, let’s confine in woods once again, in the barks, and write stories about their scars. Let’s learn this language of silence, and the secrets of this place, naked and vulnerable as they are.

I don’t know why, but this place, this eeriness is speaking to me, their questions are haunting me. NO matter how we are progressing towards a better future, our quality of life is decreasing day by day. Our present isn’t better than past, and future won’t ever be certain, so where are we headed? From breaking our bonds with nature to breaking bonds with humans, we have definitely crossed ages of evolution, but for what? We have devised theories for the destruction in this quality of life, just like criminal takes counter measures to survive, and Darwin’s theory is a perfect example. These theories are product of a guilty conscience. Our roots, our mind still wanders there, amongst the woods, away from the chaos we have created in the name of evolution. Maybe stone-age is calling, our ancestors are calling.

The Puzzle Maker

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