Stranger Inside, conscience.

We want to change, listen to that damn voice, which though unfelt by our ears, never caused vibrations in that dark little cave, and yet we feel voices in our head. We don’t question who produces it, and it’s strange; we get distracted by slightest disturbance hitting our drums, yet these screams are known to guide. We always wanted to pay heed, do as directed by this stranger in our brain, but brain proved its superiority, didn’t let him control our actions. It took control, made us believe in crap, gave us an excuse for doing what we do. It rationalizes for making us comfortable living like dead. The stranger sometimes rolls his tongue, insults the brain for what it has done, and how has it corrupted our emotions. Precisely the time when we realise about our actions, when our brain is done with rationalisations. This stranger make us feel more of what we are, the truth about our life, demolishing the empire of our brain.
This is how it works. The stranger who keeps guiding, would have let us grow, build us an empire, without corrupting our soul, but brain has to take control, forget about right and wrong for brain wants what it wants, it doesn’t settle for less. Its lust for money, pride and fame makes it deaf to the truths of life. But when it realise, when people around leave and he has to listen to stranger, when it can’t deny what it has done, when it start feeling like a crap, it breaks apart, and so does life. All our actions, reactions, deeds and their memories become a slow poison, that destroys us like termites in wood. It makes us empty inside, something world can’t sense for we are healthy outside.
It’s the loneliness that make us realise that the stranger in our head was always right. It’s difficult, even for a child to change, act differently, suddenly. He can’t stop crying suddenly, but he does when he gets tired. We are tired, of crying but we have a character to change, and it’s difficult. But we need to ask, isn’t it better than crying till we die?
                                                                                                                                 The Puzzle Maker

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